Recall elections would be allowed throughout local and state government under a new proposed constitutional amendment.
Momentum has been building behind an effort to allow Chicago's mayor to be recalled. State Rep. Mark Batinick's (R-Plainfield) proposal aims to establish recall statewide, from statewide offices like Attorney General and Comptroller to state legislators to elected officials in local government.
"I think if we're going to pass recall bill for local officials, it'd be pretty hypocritical not to have those same sort of powers for ourselves," Batinick said.
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The amendment would also change the current requirements to recall the governor, eliminating the need for state legislators, equally split between the political parties, to support a recall before petitions can be circulated.
"I think the key thing is that this is citizen driven," Batinick said.
Batinick had proposed a more limited recall bill last year which would have applied only to local governments in non-home rule communities around the state. He says that was due to a fear that state lawmakers from Chicago would oppose any effort to allow recall elections for the city's elected officials.
"Obviously, there's been a little bit more of a call for a recall with the city legislators," Batinick said.
In order to enact this expanded form of recall, the proposal would need a three-fifths vote in both the House and Senate, and then gain the support of 60 percent of those voting on the issue in the next election.
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