It all started in Illinois for Ronald Reagan, the only U. S. president born in this state. And it’s all in a new book, Reagan’s Roots: The People and Places that Shaped his Character.Reagan was born in Tampico, raised in Dixon, and attended college in Eureka.  Eureka College president J. David Arnold is helping to promote the book.



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“Eureka is a liberal arts institution, which means it presents a bigger, broader perspective than students get in high school, and that certainly served the president well as a world leader,” says Arnold, who adds more than half of today’s Eureka freshmen – like Reagan – are the first in their families to attend college.  “Ronald Reagan is thought of as a Californian, a Westerner, but the values that guided him all his life are straight out of the land where he was born and spent the first 21 years of his life,” author Peter Hannaford said in a news release. “The characteristics associated with him all came from his teachers, clergy, role models, the circumstances of his youth, and especially his parents.”  Hannaford visits Eureka College Dec. 7 to unveil the book.


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