Ronald Reagan’s alma mater continues to push the legacy of the only Illinois-born U. S. President.   Eureka College, from which Reagan graduated in 1932, is offering a free, four-night “course” called “Reagan 101.” Visiting Reagan Scholar Craig Shirley will lead four two-hour sessions featuring Skype interviews with the likes of former U. S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former presidential speechwriter Peggy Noonan.
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The course is Monday through Thursday, Oct. 22-25. The first night will be recorded by C-SPAN for later telecast. All four sessions are expected to be available on the Eureka College Media YouTube channel.  “The torch that Eureka College, his alma mater, tries to hold high every day is the story of what Ronald Reagan’s life represents,” says John Morris, director of development for Eureka’s Ronald W. Reagan Society. “The story of American opportunity; how freedom in our society allowed Ronald Reagan to go on to discover his vision and voice; to exert the three core values that he learned here: learning, service, and leadership.”  Morris says the “Reagan 101” name is appropriate both because it’s an introduction to Reagan, and because it’s the number of years ago Reagan was born.
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