The man who now holds the office once held by Fred Bathon says he had suspicions about the practices within the treasurer's office when he took over.   Kurt Prenzler (pictured) followed Frank Miles, who was appointed Madison County Treasurer when Bathon abruptly resigned at then end of 2009.  Prenzler says Bathon had instituted unethical practices that governed how the tax sale was handled, and that is the first thing he reformed after taking office.

Prenzler comments

He says dozens of families lost their homes as a result of the corruption.  A prepared statement from Madison County Board Chairman Alan Dunstan's office indicated dissapointment in the turn of events surrounding the Bathon plea.  You can read the full statement here:

Following is a statement by Madison County Chairman Alan J. Dunstan following the guilty plea entered by Fred Bathon, a former treasurer of Madison County, in federal court:

I am deeply disappointed when any former or current official is charged with abusing the trust placed in them by the people who elected them to office.

Because it is incumbent upon every public official to operate with the highest ethical standards and conduct, when those standards are compromised, it is essential the matter be resolved according to our laws, ensuring the integrity of our government.

Mr. Bathon's actions negatively impact the men and women – Democrats, Republicans and independents – who proudly, honorably and ethically serve the people at every level of government in Madison County.


                            Alan J. Dunstan

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