Gov. Bruce Rauner paints Illinois businesses as victims while plugging his so-called “turnaround agenda.”  Speaking to the Illinois Chamber of Commerce in Springfield, Rauner asked for the help of business owners in getting legislators to support his ideas for pension reform, local “right-to-work” zones, and other proposals. He says he needs their assistance, even if they’re not used to being involved in politics.
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“It’s scary, it’s hard. A lot of business owners, I say it’s like you’re suffering from the Stockholm syndrome,” Rauner said. “You know, you’ve been held hostage for a long time, and you’re like ‘oh please, just don’t hurt me.’”  To start, Rauner encouraged business owners to persuade their local governments to publicly back some of his proposals. Several cities around the state have already passed resolutions endorsing Rauner’s policies.