Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner doesn't think Illinois should write-off potential waste or fraud in the state's Medicaid system.

All states occasionally pay doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, or other Medicaid providers too much. Sometimes it's a mistake on the state's end, sometimes the provider asks for too much money, and sometimes there's fraud.

Lawmakers approved a plan in the spring that would've stopped the state from collecting any overpayments after six years. Last week Gov. Rauner vetoed it.

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Rauner says he knows why some doctors or hospitals would love to see Illinois stop collecting on Medicaid over payments after six years.

"I understand why some health care service providers want to say, 'Hey if you didn't charge us properly, you can't come and get that money from us later,'" Rauner said. "But what we should do is improve the quality of work inside state government. Not prohibit taxpayers from being protected."

The governor said it often takes time to find mistakes.

"If a mistake was made and money is owed to the taxpayers of Illinois, they ought to be able to collect it," the governor explained. "Other states allow that to be collected. The federal government goes back to make sure taxpayers are protected. We should make sure taxpayers are protected here."

Over the past two years Illinois' Health and Family Services department found 22-million dollars in mistakes.

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