Another piece of Republican Bruce Rauner's plan to run state government has come out.  The gubernatorial candidate refers to it as Step Three, following a pending effort for legislative term limits and his recent rollout of ten items at an announcement at which his ideas competed with caged chickens for attention.

“The tragic fact is,” he said, “taxpayers are footing the bill for special deals for corporations in Illinois.  It's costing the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.  That really is wasteful; it shouldn't be done.  The politicians are doing it; (Gov.) Pat Quinn has been doing it because he's created an environment here in Illinois that's hostile to taxpayers and made Illinois uncompetitive.”


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Rauner says he's not worried that some of his ideas sound as if they've been suggested before; he promises to be successful if he's elected.  As for criticism that his iedas do not add up to significant savings, he says,

“I'm fond of Rich Miller; I respect him. But you know what? He's not a financial analyst.”  Miller's Capitol Fax web site reported Rauner's estimated $1 billion in savings is mostly smoke and mirrors; Miller counts $70 million – seven percent of Rauner's total.

Rauner also ripped the governor for letting the Executive Mansion in Springfield fall into disrepair, adding it's not a waste to invest in the people's house.

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