Gov. Bruce Rauner is indicating no urgency to get the medical marijuana program up and running.  The previous administration came to a close without approving any licenses for applicants who want to grow or sell medical marijuana. Rauner says his administration is going to re-review those applications.  “What we now need to do is get immersed in the process and learn exactly the status – how’s it been managed, how’s it been run – and look at whether we need to change anything that’s occurred,” he said.
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Rauner is particularly concerned about the former governor’s onetime chief of staff lobbying for a medical marijuana business.
Rauner said during the campaign that he would have vetoed the medical marijuana legislation, but he says now he won’t foot-drag on this; it’s the law, but he wants the program run properly.
The medical marijuana law is a four-year pilot program that took effect at the start of 2014, so already a year has passed without the seeds even being planted for a marijuana crop.
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