Despite saying he supports the overall concept, Gov. Bruce Rauner is sticking by his veto of a measure to automatically register voters who interact with state agencies.

Supporters of the legislation criticized Gov. Rauner’s veto saying he didn’t understand what was in the bill. Deputy Director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice Kathleen Yang-Clayton said they worked hard to craft the legislation. “At any time the governor could have raised his concerns with Senate Bill 250 but instead he waited until the eleventh hour and vetoed a good bill,” she said.

Gov. Rauner said his administration was engaged in the process and is still engaged but he believes the bill violates federal election law. “The bill itself does not have a requirement for people to actually sign the application to register to vote and proactively say they want to register,” he said.

Democratic State Rep. Carol Ammons said Senate Bill 250 was an effort to combat voter suppression. “So I urge the governor to work with us to find a reasonable way to bring efficiency to the voting process,” she said.

Gov. Rauner said he still supports the concept of the bill but his veto is meant to ensure voter integrity.

Gov. Rauner said his veto message offers ideas to fix the legislation “so we can encourage voters, everyone who wants to vote and is entitled to vote, to be able to vote very easily but make sure we try to eliminate risk of inadvertent voter fraud or inappropriate voting.”

Regardless of Gov. Rauner's proposed fixes Ammons is urging a veto override.
Lawmakers aren’t scheduled back in session in the Senate until Nov. 15, after the general election.
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