Gov. Bruce Rauner is still pushing hard to get his legislative agenda passed. As Alex Degman tells us, he used the first Republican Governor’s Day in 12 years to try proving numbers are on his side. Hundreds of supporters showed up for the event, as did hundreds of protestors decrying pending budget cuts. Rauner told the assembled crowd he has more support than the House Speaker, whom he refers to as King Madigan. “I was elected by millions of people, he was elected by 17,000 people,” Rauner says. “Why is he there blocking what we need to do to improve and reform our great state of Illinois?”

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The short answer, the governor is a statewide officeholder – a state representative is not. 
Rauner reiterated that his reforms, such as those outlined in the Turnaround Agenda, are the only way to get Illinois on sound fiscal footing and to attract and retain businesses. Rauner says he’s a feisty competitor in that arena, and with the right support, Illinoisans will see it.
”When we make those changes, you watch me. I’m going to Indiana, I’m going to Tennessee, I’m going to Wisconsin and I’m going to go down to Texas, and I’m going to bring those employers right back here to Illinois” Rauner shouted at the cheering crowd. “That’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

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