Gov. Bruce Rauner has scaled back what he’s asking the legislature to consider from his agenda to three bills.
Rauner didn’t specify which three of his proposals he was referring to after an event in East Peoria Thursday, though he has previously mentioned six items he wanted addressed this year: term limits, redistricting reform, tort reform, changes to workers’ compensation, pension reform, and a property tax freeze with limits on collective bargaining.

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While Rauner may have changed how many bills he wants considered, he’s still placing the blame on House Speaker Michael Madigan for the lack of movement on his agenda.
“I think we could vote on a handful of bills. Vote on three. Let’s work it out. No, he wants to wait,” Rauner said, “and he knows I care. I don’t want social services cut, I don’t want to cut them, but he’s specifically not willing to compromise and trying to blame me for the social services problems, and that’s just wrong.”
Rauner said he has already scaled back his demands in his so-called “turnaround agenda” from 44 items to six—and if only some of that legislation is considered, Rauner said he’ll be willing to “work on taxes and revenue” with Madigan and the Democratic majorities in the General Assembly.
While his agenda may be scaled back, his attacks on Madigan haven’t, as Rauner referred to him as “basically the king of Illinois.”


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