By almost any measure, 2014 was a very good year for Bruce Rauner and family.
The head of the household was elected governor to cap a year in which Bruce and Diana Rauner reported earning $58,286,607. Tax forms released late Friday by the governor's office report that amount, mostly from capital gains, but also from dividends, interest, and the line reading, “rental / royalties / S corporations / trusts / etc.”
Details of the sources of income were not included.
The first couple paid more than $15 million in federal taxes and almost $3 million to the state. They are due about $2.5 million in refunds, which the Rauners elected to apply to 2015 taxes.
A news release says the Rauners and their foundation donated about $3.3 million to charity. That is not quite six percent of the family's income.
Asked if anybody could give an on-the-record interview about the news, Rauner communications director Lance Trover e-mailed the following response: “Nah. Thx.”