You get the idea Gov. Bruce Rauner is blaming a certain Democrat for the impasse over a balanced budget for the state.  ”When Gov. (Jim) Edgar was first elected in 1991, Speaker (Mike) Madigan didn’t speak to him for the first four months of the administration,” Rauner said Wednesday morning, anticipating the unfinished business of the 2015 spring legislative session.
“Speaker Madigan fought against Gov. Edgar when Gov. Edgar was pushing to get a property tax cap in Illinois. Speaker Madigan has a personal interest in not never liking to see limits on property tax. They didn’t have a budget until the third week of July. Speaker Madigan manipulates the process, and that will never change,” Rauner added.
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The Republican governor, responding to Democrats’ criticism that he simply campaigns nonstop and has not begun governing, said he delivered his budget on time, though he didn’t mention it relied on more than $2 billion in pension savings which never materialized.
As for the nearly $400 million in cuts announced Tuesday should a budget agreement not come to pass, Rauner’s not dwelling on it.
“We’re just doing the normal good management process of reviewing spending levels and making contingency plans,” Rauner says. “So far, Speaker Madigan, President Cullerton and the legislators they control show no sincere interest in making any structural reforms. Their focus is 100 percent on passing a phony budget, an unbalanced budget, then trying to force a tax hike on the people of Illinois.”
Lawmakers are back to try to deal with it all – the House Thursday and the Senate Tuesday (June 9).
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