Bruce Rauner is now downplaying the “right-to-work zones” that were a part of his platform in the primary.  Rauner now calls them “opportunity zones”—areas with fewer regulations and taxes in order to bring in businesses to parts of Illinois with high unemployment.  He wants cities and counties to be able to decide whether collective bargaining agreements can require workers to join unions in certain professions, but he says “right-to-work” laws aren’t his focus.  “Pushing any specific labor regulation is not my priority at all,” Rauner said.
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Gov. Pat Quinn doesn’t buy the name change, claiming Rauner will try to weaken labor unions. “ That’s the heart and soul of a decent society,” Quinn said.  “My opponent is the most anti-working candidate that’s Illinois has ever seen.  He’s against workers.”  Collective bargaining agreements often require workers covered under the contract to be members of the union.  In states with “right to work” legislation, such provisions are banned.
Rauner came out strongly against what he called “government union bosses” in the primary, and unions responded by throwing their support to one of his rivals in that race.  He has since refrained from using that phrase in the general election campaign.
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