The 2.1 million “yes” votes on the minimum wage ballot question included Illinois’ next governor.  Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner says he voted in favor of raising the minimum wage to $10 per hour on the advisory referendum on Tuesday’s ballot. Despite that vote, Rauner still wants worker compensation reform, tort reform and tax reform enacted as part of any deal to increase the state’s minimum wage.
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“Raising the minimum wage is a priority for us, as I’ve said, and the critical thing is we do that in an overall context where we drive up Illinois’ competitiveness,” Rauner said.  Gov. Pat Quinn had said he’d use his remaining time in office to get an increase passed.
Rauner said he hopes “no real significant action” is taken during the legislative sessions held before he takes office, but a spokesman for Rauner clarified the incoming governor wouldn’t actively work against a minimum wage increase considered before January that doesn’t include any other reforms.
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