RaunerBruce Rauner is claiming victory in the governor’s race, but his opponent says he’s not giving up yet.

Rauner leads Gov. Pat Quinn by 176,000 votes. Despite the difference between Rauner and Quinn being much larger than the margin of victory for Quinn in the 2010 election, Quinn compared the two races when he refused to concede. “There’s a lot of votes still to be counted,” Quinn said.

That time it was Quinn who was waiting for a concession from State Sen. Bill Brady (R-Bloomington), who didn’t officially give up until the Friday after Election Day.

Rauner says the voters have spoken, and he concentrated his victory speech on how he’ll work with Democratic state lawmakers.

“I called (Illinois House) Speaker (Michael) Madigan,” Rauner said to boos from his supporters. “I called (Illinois Senate) President (John) Cullerton, and I said to them, ‘This is an opportunity for us to work together.’”

Rauner said he’d work with anyone who shares his two goals—to make Illinois more competitive while staying compassionate.


w-Bruce Rauner (R) – 1,748,386 – 51 percent

Pat Quinn (D) (inc.) – 1,571,547 – 46 percent

Chad Grimm (Libertarian) – 116,282 – 3 percent