Lawmakers are still getting paid, there's still no budget, and Governor Bruce Rauner is doubling down on his positions in all of that.

Rauner started a capitol news conference by saying lawmakers should earn their pay by coming to the table and negotiating -- not on a budget, but, still, on the several points of his Turnaround Agenda.


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"The budget, in the end, gets driven by the condition of the state," Rauner said. "What we've got to get to is at the core issues that drive the budgeting process. We need folks in the General Assembly and the government who are there for the right reasons and reflective of their constituency, not working for the Chicago Machine."

The Chicago Machine, he says, commandeered by House Speaker Michael Madigan, who consistently reiterates non budget items should be left out of the budgeting process. It's been suggested lawmakers tackle the Fiscal Year 2016 budget first, then consider the governor's reforms, but Rauner's not in favor of that.

"The folks in the General Assembly won't want to deal with those things if we focus only on the budget itself," Rauner said.
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