Illinois' financial condition, the immediate one, with three and a half months of fiscal year left and not enough money, is unresolved, Gov. Bruce Rauner said, because lawmakers are squabbling and not working with him.

I went to the legislature immediately and said, we'd better reallocate money from non-essential buckets over into essential buckets, like court reporting, like day care, Rauner said in response to reporters' questions in Blue Island Friday morning. Because $1.6 billion is in the government. It's there, but legislators are arguing among themselves, what's non-essential? They're working it out. I'm saying, guys, let's get it done. If we could have sat in a room, we could have had it done in a few days. This has been five weeks. But I think they're close.

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There are some subjects, though, Rauner wouldn't touch. He said he's not following the story of the Republican members of Congress who told Iran any agreement with President Obama would evaporate once Obama's out of office in two years.

You know what? Rauner said. I'm very focused. Federal issues are not my issue. I'm not getting involved in other political races.

 Regardless of whether Rauner knows of the letter and that U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) was one of the 47 signers, Rauner said Kirk's doing a phenomenal job. Many of Rauner's campaign and now government staffers formerly worked for Kirk.

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