When Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner arrives in Springfield, he’ll have to make budget numbers add up.  During the campaign, he promised to allow the income tax to slide down to 3.75 percent, while spending more on education, infrastructure, corrections and the social safety net.  He says he’s already talking to lawmakers.
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“I’ve had discussions with members of the General Assembly right after the election. I’ve had discussions with Democrats in the General Assembly as well as Republicans in the General Assembly, and I will be holding meetings with members of the General Assembly very intensively between now and January to begin to lay the ground work to come up with real solutions,” he said.
He isn’t specifying what his ideas are yet, except to say that there will be short-term solutions and long-term solutions, and that the best long-term solution is economic growth that he is counting on happening.
Between now and Inauguration Day, though, he wants lawmakers not to act on important tax and budget matters. If they don’t, the income tax will go down to 3.75 percent on Jan. 1, but it could be raised again later.
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