On the heels of news reports suggesting his school finance revamp proposal won’t move this year, State Sen. Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) says he has no crystal ball.  For years, he has pushed a switch to more of a need-based formula for state funding of elementary and secondary K-12 education, but he says he is upset with what he perceives as Gov. Bruce Rauner’s inaction.
“To Gov. Rauner’s credit, he did offer a budget to the legislature back in February that raised spending for schools, which is a good step,” said Manar, “but that alone is not going to get the money to the districts which are in the greatest need. That’s going to take a change in the funding formula for schools.”
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Manar continues, “The governor’s lack of a position, or his indifference, about getting greater equity in the state when it comes to school funding – that’s obviously hurting our cause.”
Says the governor, “I’ve told Andy I agree with him on two points: one, we should increase state support for education; two, we should emphasize and focus with that support on lower-income districts.”
Exactly how to get there, Rauner says, is the tough question.
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