Gov. Bruce Rauner insists he’s not anti-union while continuing to attack unions.  Speaking to the Illinois Farm Bureau in Springfield, Rauner again advocated for changes to rules regarding public sector unions, but said that doesn’t mean he’s against collective bargaining.  “I’m not anti-union, I’m anti-conflict of interest,” Rauner said.
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He then proceeded to run down several areas in which he feels the unions are hurting the state, including pensions, fair share fees, and the ability to strike.  “There’s not a single school district in America that can withstand a school strike for me than about a week,” Rauner said.
To get these proposals passed, he wants help from farmers, not just on those bills, but on punishing lawmakers who don’t support him.  “If they don’t vote for reform, they’re going to raise…you know, they’ve created some enemies. They’ve created enemies among farmers and they’ve created some enemies in the business community, and they’re going to have to deal with it,” Rauner said.
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