Bruce Rauner brought his post-victory, pre-inaugural message to Springfield Tuesday.  At a Better Government Association luncheon postponed first by a governors’ meeting in Florida and then by the death of comptroller Judy Baar Topinka, the governor-elect put on a show of introducing himself to his new neighbors, soliciting tips on the best steakhouses and motorcycle trails.
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And he repeated his message of how he will turn around a culture of bad budgeting, pointing to what he expects will be a request for a $760 million supplemental appropriation.
“We’re now to saying, ‘oh, it’s after the election, we’re calling in a chit, we want the money now,’” Rauner told the crowd. “Where’s it coming from? Nobody’s – it’s wherever. I guess it’s going to be more unpaid bills.”
While much has been made of Illinois’ flat personal income tax receding from 5 percent to 3.75 percent at New Year’s, Rauner says the problem he’s talking about has nothing to do with that.
Rauner is to be sworn in Jan. 12.
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