The Madison County Sheriff's Department is investigating a rash of burglaries in the rural eastern part of the conty, including thefts in Edwardsville, Alhambra and New Douglas. The thieves are targeting familiar items in each case: jewelry, firearms and electronics. Since the thefts are happening in rural areas, the Sheriff's Department is asking residents to keep an eye on their neighbors, and report anything or anyone suspicious.

In each case, the burglaries occurred during the day time hours, while the occupants were away from their homes. Captain Mike Dixon says the thief or thieves have a plan in place when they arrive at a home.


Dixon comments


You can call the Sheriff's Department at 692-4433, or the anonymous tip line at 296-3000. He says in most cases of residential burglary, the crooks are fnecing the items to support a drug habit.


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