Alton's City Clerk and City Treasurer will be getting raises beginning in April that will amount to 1.5% per year for the next four years.  Currently, City Clerk Mary Boulds and City Treasurer Cindy Roth both make an annual salary of $66,727.  Aldermen will not get a raise, and neither will the mayor.  An effort to actually reduce the pay aldermen get was defeated by a 5-2 vote

Mayor Tom Hoechst says he doesn't see anything wrong with the salary aldermen receive.

Hoechst comments

Aldermen make about $7,600 per year.  Elected officials are prohibited from voting themselves a raise, so even if they had voted on an increase, it would not have been able to take effect until after the spring election.  The raises must still be approved by the full council, which meets tomorrow night at 7:30.

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