Upgrades to railroad crossings in Alton and Godfrey have motorists looking for patience and maybe a shortcut as they try to get across town. The crossing at Humbert Road closed earlier this week, and the Alby Street crossing closed yesterday. The crossings at Tolle Lane and Pearl Street are scheduled to close today, although Tolle and Alby will not be closed at the same time to give drivers an option. The Bethany Lane crossing will close on Saturday.

As a result of the closures, traffic can be a bit of a challenge as drivers attempt to turn from the Homer Adams Parkway onto Seminary as a detour. Traffic is also being re-routed from Alby to Martin Luther King, Junior, Drive, over to Godfrey Road. Yesterday, traffic was backed up at times on MLK and also on Tolle Lane, but that crossing, again, will be closed today. Motorists are urged to follow signs to know if either Alby or Tolle will be open, and can also follow a link to a closing update page with the Illinois Department of Transportation listed below. The Humbert Road crossing is scheduled to reopen by Tuesday, and the Alby crossing should be done by next Wednesday. All area work should be completed by May 5.

Crossing closure updates:


(Photo courtesy of IDOT)

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