Track improvements at several railroad crossings in Godfrey and Alton continue this week, but the work appears to be ahead of schedule. The crossing at Humbert Road is open this morning, and the company in charge of informing the public says the Alby Street crossing is also open this morning, although it is still rough. The crossings at Tolle, Pearl and Bethany Lane remain closed.

The Humbert Road crossing was scheduled to be open by tomorrow, but the work progressed with few problems and is now complete. Work on the other crossings in Godfrey is scheduled to be wrapped up by May 5. The company Roadsafe reminds drivers that either Alby or Tolle will be open when the other is closed and also reminds motorists to be alert for traffic signs that will remind them of detours as needed. The rail work is part of the high speed rail corridor upgrades between St. Louis and Chicago.  While the crossing work takes place, Amtrak riders are being bused between Alton and Springfield.   Find updates below:


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