Illinois Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno suggests partisanship played a role in the attorney general's legal analysis on so-called right-to-work zones.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan, citing federal law, said banning collective bargaining agreements requiring union membership for certain workers has to be done statewide, not left up to individual cities. Radogno isn't surprised by Madigan's stance.

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Obviously, the governor and the attorney general are of different parties, and probably, different outlooks, so my guess is she would be more inclined to protect the status quo, Radogno said, and in fact, I think that's actually her role, is to defend the state. The governor's doing something that's different, that's new, and so it's going to create a few bumps and that's what you see with these opinions.

Radogno says the idea of these zones is up in the air, and she would expect a court challenge if the proposal ever made it through the General Assembly.

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