While lawmakers in Springfield don’t always agree on everything, the top Senate Republican says it wasn’t long ago that there was some cooperation.  As lawmakers work on reforming public pensions, Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno (R-Lemont, pictured) reminisces about a time not long ago when lawmakers worked together on an important reform.


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“One thing that I think that we have had some success in, bi-partisan success, is Medicaid reform,” Radogno said. She says lawmakers should focus on pension reform with the same approach they took towards Medicaid reform last year.   Back in 2003 we set up a bi-partisan, bi-cameral committee to look at Medicaid. We saw then that this was a program that was threatening to crowd out everything much like we see with pensions today,” Radogno said.   Radogno is optimistic that lawmakers can pass pension reform before the end of the legislative session.


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