After his budget proposal failed to gain enough support from lawmakers, Gov. Pat Quinn wants to hear Bruce Rauner’s plan.  Outside of allowing the income tax rate to fall to 3.75 percent, Rauner has given few specifics about what budget he would propose as governor.  Quinn says unlike Rauner, he’s made his plans clear.  “I’m the only person doing that,” Quinn said. “The other person is too timid, too fearful, to lay out a plan to the people of Illinois. A campaign, it should be a campaign of ideas.  My ideas are to invest in education.”
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Rauner has promised to do the same while letting the income tax rate fall.  Quinn had called for the temporary hike to 5 percent to be made permanent.  Rauner has questioned Quinn’s dedication to education, claiming during his time in office, Quinn has cut funding to schools by $600 million.  Quinn called those claims “completely untrue,” saying Rauner’s figures don’t account for payments into the pension system for public school teachers, and that Rauner’s calculation includes federal stimulus funds that were available during Quinn’s first year in office, but then disappeared.
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