Gov. Pat Quinn says the state must deal with public pension reform before it deals with any other issue.  In particular, Quinn says pension reform must come before gambling expansion. “Well, it (gambling) is a secondary issue to the foremost, paramount issue we must face, and that’s the whole pension reform,” Quinn said. Quinn says he has been in talks with legislative leaders.
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“We have to realize that this is very, very serious for Illinois and I’ve had very good conversations in the last few days with the leaders of the legislature as well as some of the members and I’m optimistic with the new group of legislators, who all campaigned on pension reform, both parties, both houses, now’s the time to rev up the engine. Let’s get fired up and ready to go,” Quinn said.
Quinn says he will review a gambling expansion bill that was sent to his desk by the Senate but it’s likely Quinn will veto the measure. Quinn says any gambling bill must have proper oversight and leave no “loopholes for mobsters.” The Senate passed the measure in question in 2011, but did not formally transmit it to the governor until last week.
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