Whatever the outcome of the day with the Illinois legislature’s conference committee on pensions, it’s not happening fast enough for Gov. Pat Quinn.  “I’ve seen conference committees at both the federal level in Washington, and also in Springfield, over the last 40 or so years,” he said.
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“Generally, when they’re appointed, they get to work right away. They don’t wait eight days to get together. I think it was a little disappointing that the members of this conference committee took their own sweet time even coming together. I frankly thought last Wednesday (June 19) that they’d sit down right away and work around the clock to get this mission accomplished.”  The first meeting of the 10-member committee did not occur until Thursday, eight days after it was formed. The next meeting is six days after that (July 3), leading to a July 9 deadline the governor imposed.
“They’ve spent more time complaining about the deadline than they should, in my opinion, spend time doing the work of getting pension reform,” Quinn added.
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