The governor has made changes to a bill that would make it legal to carry a concealed weapon.

Gov. Pat Quinn, in outlining his amendatory veto Tuesday in Chicago, scolded lawmakers, saying they rushed a vote on a concealed carry bill at the end of the legislative session.

Despite the bill passing overwhelmingly out of each chamber, Quinn made a number of changes to the bill to, in his words, “make it safer.”

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Among the changes: a person could carry only one concealed gun with a clip that holds no more than 10 bullets, a concealed weapon would have to be completely concealed, not “mostly concealed” – which is how the current legislation is written – and no guns would be allowed where alcohol is served.

Lawmakers are expected to override the governor’s amendatory veto.

The original bill was passed on the last day of the legislative session. The House approved the bill on a vote of 89-28 while the Senate passed the measure 45-12. In the House, 71 votes would be needed to override the governor’s veto, while the Senate would need 36 votes.