With legislation moving in Springfield to ban talking on a phone and driving, Gov. Pat Quinn says he doesn’t yet know if he would sign the legislation into law.

“I think we have to do all the studies. Whether it’s this bill or any other bill, it’s important that you look at the entire bill when it’s finally passed,” Quinn said.

Quinn has already signed a law that bans texting and driving.

Chicago already bans the use of phones while driving unless it is hands free.

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Quinn says distracted driving is something that everyone in the state should have concern for.

Illinois would join 10 states and Washington, D.C. that already ban hand-held phones while driving.

The bill in question has passed in the Illinois House and heads to the Senate.

-  Calling or receiving calls on hand-held phones would be banned unless an emergency exists.

- Tickets would be moving violations and fines would range from $75 to $150.

- Phones can be used if utilizing a hands free device, voice activated mode or with a headset.

-  Phones can be used “due to normal traffic being obstructed.”

-  Police and emergency personnel would be exempt

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