He’s out of state government for the first time in twelve years, but former Gov. Pat Quinn doesn’t sound like he’s planning on retirement.  Quinn says he’s going “back to the future” by focusing on consumer advocacy, like he did earlier in his career. While he’s not ruling out running for office again someday, he doesn’t seem like he’s gearing up for any campaigns in the near future, such as the 2016 race for U.S. Senate in Illinois.
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“I’m not really going to talk about politics right now,” Quinn said. “I think the main thing, not running for office, it’s organizing, and the power of democracy is where people band together for causes they believe in.”
Quinn plans on getting involved in efforts similar to the one that created the Citizens Utility Board in 1984, saying there should be more consumer watchdog groups in Illinois.
For now, Quinn says he’s enjoying having extra time to watch sports and play basketball.
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