As the federal government mulls gun control and New York passes legislation outlawing military type weapons and large capacity magazines, what should Illinois do?

Gov. Pat Quinn believes the state can pave the way for congressional legislation. “If we can get a federal law that would be the very best, but often times the states lead the way,” Quinn said.“The states are the laboratories of democracy and I think we can show Congress that the states across America, including Illinois, are serious about banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that go with them.”

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But some believe states should wait to see what a federal law would look like before states compose their own gun control legislation. State Treasurer Dan Rutherford, a possible Republican candidate for governor, is in that mindset. “My contention is…the federal government really I think is the one, if there is to be a response to deal with it, it should probably come out of there,” Rutherford said. He says the state should look at assistance for mental illness programs in the state. “That is the driver of what I think could be real problems,” Rutherford said.

New York’s recently passed legislation bans military-style weapons and large-capacity magazines. A bill pushed by Quinn last year that would’ve banned military-style weapons and large-capacity magazines was never called for a vote.

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