Gov. Pat Quinn used his State of the State speech to take another crack at banning assault weapons.  The governor has been trying without success to ban so-called assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines. In his speech, he announced he wants to give it another try, saying those weapons don’t belong in a civilized society.
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“Of course we must abide by the Second Amendment, but there is no place in our state for military-style assault weapons designed for rapid fire at human targets at close range,” he said.  Quinn also called for background checks for all gun sales, a reporting requirement when guns are lost or stolen, and better communication by counties of individuals with mental health problems.
Quinn said elected officials must do something about “senseless violence” in our communities, and that guns have no place in schools, shopping malls and sports stadiums.  The state is also under a federal court order to allow concealed carry. Lawmakers have the winter and spring to enact such a law.
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