Gov. Pat Quinn says Republicans are just politicking when it comes to accusing him of moving too slowly on the implementation of money-saving Medicaid reforms.  Earlier this week Republican leaders accused Quinn’s administration of dragging their feet on a new effort to make sure Medicaid goes only to people who qualify. Quinn disagrees.
Quinn comments
“Well that’s complete baloney and she knows it and the Republicans know it,” Quinn said, referring to Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno (R-Lemont). “We are carrying out the Medicaid reforms with dispatch. We are going at full speed.”
Quinn wants the state to keep a closer eye on Medicaid to ensure the program is used only by people who meet eligibility requirements. “We don’t want anyone on the rolls that isn’t qualified or eligible for the Medicaid program, but in order to carry this out you have to properly follow the contract rules, procurement rules of Illinois [and] make sure the people are well trained so they do their job right,” Quinn said.
The state has hired a company to conduct the reviews, but that company needs three months of preparation before it starts.
Republican leaders have said that Quinn is taking too long and they want eligibility reviews to start in two weeks, but Quinn says they are just pushing for a political showdown. “This is all politics. We’re about seven weeks away from the election. That’s what they’re doing, it’s all politics. They know full well that Pat Quinn, the governor of Illinois, is ferreting out fraud [and] waste anywhere he sees it in state government.”
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