With one election over, is it time to start preparing for another? Gov. Pat Quinn doesn’t think so.   Quinn says this is not the time to focus on the next election, namely his own, but instead it’s a time to do the people’s work.
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“I think we just had a campaign. I think people in America are happy the election came, it went well, it was I think a vigorous contest showing the best of American democracy,”Quinn said. “Now I think it’s time for practical, hardworking solutions at the state and federal level of some major challenges, so I think there will be plenty of time for campaigns when we go forward.”
On Tuesday’s election results, Quinn is pleased that Democrats picked up additional seats in the state House and Senate. “I think we have an opportunity to have a progressive majority in Illinois to make reforms that are necessary and overdue that really strengthen the people,” Quinn sad.  Quinn says he remains focused on public pension reform.
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