Quiet for over 10 days, Gov. Pat Quinn made a public appearance a day after the election. Quinn, who had a speaking role at the Democratic National Convention, was quiet in the weeks ahead of the election. The noticeable absence of a governor known for a slew of public bill signings and other appearances didn’t escape the media.

Asked about public absence, Quinn said he was busy in the days leading up to the election. In particular, he says his office was working on making sure the state was in a position to provide support for those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  “My job is to be governor and I have to do that every day,” Quinn said. “As a matter of fact, with the events in the Northeast and the East Coast with the hurricane, we work with other states to help them in their need.”

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Straying away from the question, Quinn likened the help Illinois would offer to the help the state receives after tornado damage. He says the country must follow the president’s words that the election if over and there may be Republicans and Democrats and Independents but we’re all Americans.

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