The outgoing governor hopes the idea of state-run health insurance exchange isn’t dead in Illinois.  The state currently has a partnership marketplace with the federal government’s website, one of six states using that model. Gov. Pat Quinn wants legislators to reconsider setting up a state exchange, but hasn’t discussed that possibility with Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner.
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“I didn’t get into the state-run issue at all,” Quinn said, “but I really feel the Affordable Care Act is a very important law. It’s transformative.”  Rauner’s support would be unusual for a Republican governor. Of the 14 states with their own exchanges, 12 have Democratic governors.
State administrations have submitted an application in order to receive federal assistance for setting up an exchange, but the General Assembly would still have to take action on the issue before the end of the year to take advantage of those funds.
The Illinois Senate passed a bill to set up a state-run exchange last year, but the legislation has never been brought up for a vote in the House.

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