Days after lawmakers failed to pass public pension reforms, Gov. Pat Quinn (center) is trying to get legislative leaders together. Saying that he has no problem in calling a special session to deal with pension reform, Quinn says House Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago, left) and Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago, right) must put their differences aside, meet and come up with a pension reform bill. 
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“They have to come to a meeting of the minds on comprehensive pension reform. It’s not that hard,” Quinn said Tuesday.   Quinn calls the lack of pension restructuring “an emergency” and says he needs the legislative leaders and lawmakers on board so the state stops getting $17 million further in the hole each day the issue goes unresolved. Quinn met with Cullerton today and says Cullerton understands the severity of the situation. Madigan was not at the meeting and couldn’t be reached by phone. “I think it’s an emergency. I think time is of the essence. Mike Madigan does not have a cell phone, so when he is available we will express to him the same think I told John Cullerton today,” Quinn said.
Quinn continues to back Madigan’s S.B. 1, which passed in the House but failed in the Senate. That bill offers the most savings, but Cullerton doubts it is constitutional.  Quinn didn’t elaborate on when a special session could be called.
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