Gov. Pat Quinn is challenging lawmakers to send him a casino expansion bill which he has already said he doesn’t like. The legislature approved the bill – five new casinos, plus slot machines at horse tracks, Chicago airports, and the Illinois State Fairgrounds – but put a parliamentary hold on it. Meanwhile, the governor has proposed a “framework” which leaves out the extra slot machine locations, without which the bill is likely to fail.



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“They passed their masterpiece on May 31,” Quinn said of the bill. “Bring it on. Make my day.”   Quinn was also in a pop culture mood when asked about the Smart Grid legislation. He has vetoed the utility modernization bill, which has been criticized for enriching ComEd and Ameren at a high cost to consumers. When given the argument the bill would improve decaying infrastructure, Quinn said, “I’d say the same thing that Ralph Kramden said in The Honeymooners: ‘Hardy har har.’”   Quinn, referring to the bill as “Smart Greed,” says lawmakers who vote for it are only proving that ComEd and Ameren, big campaign contributors, have them in their pockets.   The legislature, now meeting in veto session, could overturn the governor’s veto of Smart Grid and is also considering a follow-up bill which is touted as addressing some criticism.


(Illinois Radio Network)