Announcing major initiatives on Medicaid and Pensions on consecutive days last week, Gov. Pat Quinn dared to declare it an “epic week.” As always, it remains to be seen whether lawmakers back up that claim for him or if it will turn out to be an “epic fail.”   “This is not a governor who’s got a long history of forging tough agreements or, in fact, taking the lead on policy initiatives,” said Kent Redfield, a professor emeritus of political science at the University of Illinois at Springfield.

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He says an announcement from the governor is not the same thing as a bill.   “We’re going to have to change the dynamic that’s existed since he became governor,” Redfield said of Quinn, who has been in office three years. Past governors, he said, have had better working relationships with legislative leaders than Quinn has. “History doesn’t give you the kind of conference you’d like,” said Redfield.


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