Illinois is not bankrupt, says Gov. Pat Quinn, despite what the treasurer thinks.  Quinn responded to a comment made to a columnist by State Treasurer Dan Rutherford (pictured), who, in an interview, said Illinois is “the most bankrupt state in the nation.” Rutherford pointed to information from his office that shows the state is $192.1 billion in debt. “That debt is the highest in the nation,” Rutherford said.



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Quinn says Rutherford isn’t being “overly helpful.” “I’ve been a little disappointed that he hasn’t worked with us on restructuring the bills that the people of Illinois want paid,” Quinn said.  Asked if a word like “bankrupt” incites unnecessary fear, Quinn said, “My father was in the United States Navy – ‘Lose lips sink ships,’ and I think maybe Treasurer Rutherford should commit that to memory.”

(Illinois Radio Network)