With the enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act just around the corner, a local consultant has been working with a number of individuals and small employers.  The hope is to decipher the changing rules that have been apparently confusing even some of the most savvy consumers.  As of now, the employee mandate has been delayed for a full year, but employees must still purchase insurance, or face a fine.

The fine is $95 the first year.  Some people have decided it would be cheaper to pay the fine than to buy insurance.  Kandi Mensing, owner of Mensing Consulting, says there is an important fact to remember if you choose that route.

Mensing comments

Enrollment begins October 1st and coverage begins next January.  You can find out more about the Insurance Exchange as it is being set up in Illinois by clicking on the link: www.HealthCareReform.Illinois.gov

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