The owner of Alby Quarry is applying for a business license with the city, and the question is what he will do with the property.  Eugene Lippoldt was at one time out of the business, but has asked the Alton City Council permission to pay a past due sewer bill incurred by GP Materials, which has operated the quarry for a number of years.  

It is apparently that sewer bill of over $6,000 that is holding up his business license, and the council has approved a deal for him to take on the $5,000 incurred while GP Materials ran the place.  Corporation Counselor Jim Schrempf says once that debt is off the books, he can proceed with his pursuit of a business license.

Schrempf comments

In other council business, first reading was given to an ordinance granting a special use permit for a microbrewery at 331 Belle Street.  At the next meeting in two weeks, aldermen will consider a plan to place a bronze statue of Miles Davis on 3rd Street.

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