Can the candidates for governor say anything good about their own qualifications for the office? Barely, and not without taking a swipe at the other guy.  They were asked to do so in the League of Women Voters debate, since so many of the ads they’ve sponsored have been negative. Bruce Rauner said he has business know-how to produce jobs, then criticized the governor.
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“Pat Quinn is a miserable failure on jobs. Illinois in one of the lowest job-creating states in America. We have lost over 48,000 manufacturing jobs during Pat Quinn’s tenure in office, and we’ve lost 2,500 manufacturing jobs just last month here in Illinois,” he said.  Gov. Pat Quinn said he had worked with employers such as Ford and Chrysler, which have added jobs, that employment has grown since he became governor and that the pace of growth is accelerating, especially this year. Then he took aim at Bruce Rauner:
“When my opponent talks about being a business builder, he’s a person who built a business teaching other businesses to outsource jobs, American jobs, to foreign lands. That’s not building jobs in Illinois. My opponent is a job eliminator. I’m a job creator,” he said.
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