Illinois has a state bird (cardinal), state snack (popcorn), and even a state soil (Drummer silty clay loam). So why not a state pie?  The pie could be pumpkin.  “85 percent of all pumpkin consumed in this country comes from Central Illinois, and 95 percent of that comes out of the plant in Morton,” said State Rep. Keith Sommer (R-Morton), the sponsor of a bill to establish pumpkin pie as the official state pie.
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“People all over the country (are) eating a slice of Illinois” every Thanksgiving, marveled State Rep. Rob Martwick (D-Norridge).
A pie baked by a Republican staffer served as the dessert of celebration following a committee vote.
The pumpkin pie bill, H.B. 208, passed the House Museums, Arts, and Cultural Enhancement Committee, and moves to the House floor.
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