Public pensions at private lobbying firms soon may be a thing of the past.

A bill headed to Governor Bruce Rauner’s desk would keep future employees of private lobbying organizations such as the Illinois Municipal League and the Illinois Association of Park Districts from receiving taxpayer-funded municipal pensions. Current employees would retain their future pensions.

Louis Kosiba, executive director of the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, said one problem now is taxpayers can’t control the salaries that will determine future pensions.

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“Many of these individuals earn compensation which is higher than you would normally see in the public sector,” Kosiba said.

State Rep. Peter Breen, R-Lombard, said these outside organizations shouldn’t be the taxpayers’ responsibility.

“They add to the tax burden of the taxpayers of the state, even though they’re not state or local government employees,” Breen said. “We as taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for their pension plans.”

The bill also limits who qualifies for the state universities’ pension fund. The language in this bill was included in the pension reform law that was struck down as unconstitutional last year.


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