Illinois' public health agency has a five-point, five-year plan. The director of the Department of Public Health, Dr. LaMar Hasbrouck, says he wants to “amplify … our message, and people need to see us as a credible, go-to public health agency that's going to give you timely and accurate information that's going to improve the health of you, your family, and your community.”
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The five points are: branding, communication, and marketing; building partnerships; regulatory compliance; closing disparities; and using data.  Hasbrouck describes the strategy, available online at the IDPH web site, as more macro than minute. “This plan is really more strategically aspirational than it is programatically detailed,” he says. “It doesn't really tell you what the different programs' priorities are going to be. It really kind of gives you the framework of how we're going to go about it.”
Hasbrouck says his department drew up the plan in response to Gov. Pat Quinn's directive to make the department, as Hasbrouck put it, “transparent, effective, and accountable.”

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